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Math Writing Prompts

Ben Said:

Help with writing prompt for math?

We Answered:

Say that the length of the rectangle is L
And the width is W

So you have the equation: (2L + W)2.75 < 750.
Dividing each side by 2.75 reveals that 2L+W should be less than or equal to 272.72

Since we want the largest garden, lets assume that the perimeter is exactly 272.72.

Now, we can say, Since 2L+W = 272.72,
that W = 272.72 - 2L

So, we want to maximize the area (L*W), we want to maximize L(272.72-2L) = 272.72L-2L^2. To find the maximum of the quadratic expression,

Evaluate -b/2a, or -272.72/-4 = 68.18.
So, L must be 68.18. Then, width is 272.72 - (2*L) = 136.36.

So the dimensons must be 68 * 136 (or approximation of that)

Chester Said:

help with my math writing prompt?

We Answered:

They are giving bad versions of Pythagoras rule which should be

The sum of the squares of the two smaller sides of a right triangle equals the square of the longest side. a^2 + b^2 = c^2

I'm sure that you can find the differences between that and their versions.

Minnie Said:

If you were a math figure what kind of figure would you be and why?

We Answered:

a rhombus because...i like diamonds

Clifford Said:

Math Writing Prompt. Help?!?

We Answered:

Ok start with what you know. You need 8 dozen of each type, so take 16 dozen out of 25 dozen. 9 dozen left. What I get from this problem is that they want to make the most money they can. So since they want 8 dozen of each, that leaves 9 dozen extra. If they want to get the most profits, then the easiest solution to that problem is 17 dozen oatmeal and 8 dozen chocolate chip. I'm not exactly sure if this is right, though, but that is how I understand the problem. Another way to do the problem might be to, in your paragraph, say that they might want to have some more chocolate chip cookies instead of mostly oatmeal. This would make sense for marketing because they wouldn't want most of their cookies to be oatmeal, when more people want chocolate chip. This is my advice on the problem, I am not positive, but maybe this will help.

Eleanor Said:

Math Writing

We Answered:

Well there numbers on each sac and the people have to throw the sac in the correct hole theres four whole one's addition one's subtraction and the other two are multiplication and division and they have only 1 min to get all of these sacs in each whole and if they get all the answers correct then they win a large prize if they get 3 a medium if 2 a small prize if 1 nothing there :) all you have to do is add a bit more info

Marcus Said:

Help me explain how to solve this fraction math problem?

We Answered:

hence 2/3 + 2/15 = 5y-3y
so 10/15 + 2/15 = 2y
so 12/15 = 2y
so 12/7.5 = y
hence y = 12/7.55 or 24/15 = 8/5

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