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Grade 5 Writing Prompts

Melvin Said:

i have to write a personal statement, I need some help?

We Answered:

If you had not had to spend time working at your job, you probably could have studied more and earned higher grades. This is important and should be a major part of your essay.

Jacqueline Said:

anyone wana do homework?

We Answered:

No thank you. I did my share years ago --- now it is your turn.

Curtis Said:


We Answered:

Here's Your Homework from SHITSTAINZ ( the homework wizard )


The Black Death killed millions of people in Europe. It happened in the 1300's. The earliest plague occurred around 1,000 B.C. It appeared again in the mid-500's A.D. It was called Black Death because extensive hemorrhaging, or internal bleeding caused black spots to appear under the skin. Coughing is the mechanism that made the Black Death so widespread in Europe.

It affected people by way of a flea bite causing swollen lymph nodes, or boils. Domestic animals like dogs and cats were also effected by Black Death. People developed symptoms such as a high fever, headache, body ache, or delirium. Dying victims would vomit blood, and their organs would decaymcausing an awful smell. Infected rats carried the deadly fleas.

The actual name of this disease is The Bubonic Plague, also commonly known as the Black Plague

The earliest known tractate is the regimen of the physician James of Agramont written in 1348 to be read to the common people. James pointed out that the plague killed indiscriminately, destroying master and servant alike. Further, he cited Deuteronomy 24, in which God promised prosperity to those who keep his commandments, and plague to those who do not. He noted other Biblical passages which state that plague is also a punishment of the sin of pride.

Others had similar sentiments: that the plague was caused by the wickedness of humanity, and that this wickedness was manifested by an assault on the universals that held society together.

The economy underwent abrupt and extreme inflation. Since it was so difficult (and dangerous) to procure goods through trade and to produce them, the prices of both goods produced locally and those imported from afar skyrocketed. Because of illness and death workers became exceedingly scarce, so even peasants felt the effects of the new rise in wages. The demand for people to work the land was so high that it threatened the manorial holdings. Serfs were no longer tied to one master; if one left the land, another lord would instantly hire them. The lords had to make changes in order to make the situation more profitable for the peasants and so keep them on their land. In general, wages outpaced prices and the standard of living was subsequently raised.

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