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Easter Writing Prompts

Alberto Said:

Christians and Pagan Practices?

We Answered:

There has been a rather staggering amount of research and investigation showing that almost the entire christian faith was plagiarized from Pagan beliefs and rituals. Everything Jesus said or did was done by previous pagan gods (Osiris-Dionysus)... Their only explanation for this was "Diabolical mimicry" - that the devil knew Jesus was coming and imitated the story several times beforehand... Yes it's weak, but it's their official explanation.

Of course they don't have to explain it very often. The church launched a massive smear campaign against the Pagans, calling them evil, devil worshippers, accusing them of the blood libel, ritualized murder, withcraft and everything else evil.

The idea that was that no "good christian" would investigate the Pagan beliefs and find out the truth that the bible is a blatant plagiarism. Anybody who did look into paganism and notice the undeniable similarities was summarily killed - tortured and burned to death as a heretic and served as an example of what would happen to those who looked into Paganism and were "twisted" by their "evil ways."

Just like antisemitism and other prejudices, that has carried on and survived into modern times.

I admire that you're willing to be a pagan despite persecution from the majority of the population. Good for you.

Jean Said:

Please read? Five stars for best answers, thanks a million (: <3?

We Answered:


1. Write an argument between a man and his wife about the way their teen dresses.

2. Write about a teen listening to his/her parents fight about the way s/he dresses.

3. Write, in exactly fifty words, your response to the words "Autumn Nightmare."

4. Write a response to the word "revenge" in at least one hundred words.

5. What do you like most about yourself? Write about it.

6. Write a description hell or heaven.

7. Describe where you live... a.) what you never noticed about it before, b.) how you think it could be if everything there had a different color, taste, touch, if you could hear it, c.) what you wish you could throw out of it.

9. Go to the library, watch the people who come in, and write a description of some.

10. Go to the mall and do the same.

Tina Said:

Are you tough enough to keep going even when the going gets rough?

We Answered:

For many people, the here and now is what affects them, their emotions and decisions. When mired in depression or anxiety, it is very often hard to see the forest through the trees. It often takes an outside source to aid them into realizing that this is but one day or season in their life, not their life in whole.

To me, life is a constant struggle. Not so much on the suicide front, but of working, paying bills, worrying about my boys and if I am raising them right, making appointments etc.

When I was in the Army, I had a soldier under my command that committed suicide. It came out of the blue, he appeared to be fairly well adapted, liked soldier. Something happened on his home front that he felt he could not cope with and left behind a slew of questions, concerns, hurt and even anger.

In my earlier days I contemplated suicide. I was not mature enough to see through the problems facing me and if it was not for me thinking of my family and friends as to how they would have felt...I prob. would have gone through with it.

People get through tough times but relying on social outlooks and family support. Jobs come and go, houses can be lived in and moved out of, relationships bloom and wither, but to somebody you mean something regardless of whether you see it or not. Knowing that means that you can tough out any situation or problem.

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temp. problem.

Ella Said:

I am confused about John 13:1-17?

We Answered:

What Judas did was of his own free will.

Satan did what he's been doing since the beginning, putting the bait out there and waiting for someone to nip at it. Unfortunately Judas was blind to the true meaning of what type of Messiah Yeshua/Jesus actually was. Judas most likely thought that turning Yeshua over to the Romans would prompt Him to overthrow the Romans that were so cruel to the Jews that they couldn't wait for the Savior to come release them from their oppressors.

Judas showed his true colors when he hanged himself after Yeshua's execution instead of asking the Savior for forgiveness.

Not everyone is going to get an understanding of Yeshua's message of shedding His blood for the forgiveness of sin.

Be Blessed:-)

Neil Said:

Help with writing a story? Any kind, romance, hate, lust, vampire, demon, angel, anything at all? (: Taaah <3?

We Answered:

It's not a word association game - have you looked at the images these words conjure in your head? You have a load of evocative words there; pick one and turn it into a story. Even if it's a crap and worthless story, it doesn't matter - it's about getting the creative juices flowing. You need to use your imagination, not just your typing fingers.

Want more prompts? Pick five words out of the dictionary at random (make sure they're words you know). Write a short story or scene using them all. This is my favourite writing prompt - you never know what will happen!

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