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Animal Writing Prompts

Isaac Said:

Writers: Short, easy, and fun writing challenges!?

We Answered:

The Great Suethor Challenge:

... *facepalm* writers block! ah, I guess its for the best, since the story I would create would be pretty... fangirlish, so I'll chose a different one

Snapshots: I'm not exactly sure what this means, so I'll try my best at it.

(I'm assuming you want a character from a published story, that's what it sounds like)

Rue pulled a piece of hair behind her ear as she scrunched down in the tree. Listening, she could hear the voices of two males in the distance. She slowly climbed down to a lower branch and hid behind the leaves it held. The two boys came into view, one was the size of a career, the other a puny little boy- the career's next target.
Rue leaned forwards to get a closer look, when a dagger flew past her face. She jumped back, startled, and almost lost her footing on the branch. "I see you, tree climber," the career said. "Come down here, and I'll make your death quick and easy." Rue studied the boy's weapons, two knives, a dagger, and little circular black things, bombs Rue guessed- and all Rue has was a dagger and whatever the tree offered. Quickly, she took the dagger and cut off a small, pointed branch. Once it fell, she quickly carved the point to make it even sharper. Another dagger flew up and skimmed her arm. Wincing, Rue stood up to look for one last thing... a vine.
She grabbed the dagger, sharp stick, and the vine, searching for the second dagger but it must've flown past the tree. Swinging down on the vine, she landed on the ground with a soft thud. "Get her," the career ordered the little boy. He hesitated then ran towards Rue with a rusted knife held high. Rue felt sorry for him as she threw the stick into his face, blood gushing everywhere. She than walked up to him and stabbed him in the heart. "Why you!" the career said, running towards her. She ran back to the vine, still hanging on the ground, and grabbed it. Running around in a circle, she leaped onto it and flew around the boy. She threw her dagger into his arm. While he reached to get it out, she rode the vine closer to him, wrapping him up around the arms and then around his neck. She jumped off and looped it around his neck even more. He wasstrugglingg to get his hands loose to grab the rope off neck, Rue jumped onto the tree, grabbed the tightened vine, and pulled it over a branch.... the career was now hanging.

Ok, that was kind of long... but fun :}

Edwin Said:

What kind of animal am I? Need answers ASAP!!?

We Answered:

"I love music and calm, soothing moments"
That makes me think of some kind of sea animal (fish, turtle, etc.)

"smart witty i have great imagination and i love to get creative also i'm not afraid to hurt you or make your life hell if you push me to it."
That makes me think of a mimic octupus! Look it up on youtube, they're really awesome.

Kevin Said:

how to write a thesis for animal farm about napoleon?

We Answered:

Napoleon used manipulation and propaganda to secure his authority. After that, he kept it through force and scare tactics.

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