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How To Write English To Hindi

Kristin Said:

how to write html in English but allow people to fill the input in Hindi.?

We Answered:

Use the style tag to define a hindi font so that when you type something in it,it's gonna show you it in hindi. Here's an Example.

<input type="text" name="hindi" style="font-face:HindiFont">

Eugene Said:

I want to tell a girl that she is beautiful in "Hindi" how would I write it out using english letters?

We Answered:


then you can tell her you love her!



Sharon Said:

i know english,my friend knows hindhi only.need to write him mail. english can be tr?

We Answered:

you should use google language

Eugene Said:

How do you write "inner peace" in Hindi?

We Answered:

Its: ?????? ?????

Holly Said:

How can I write answer in English languge with best style?

We Answered:

I am a student of III yr for DU. Although I take an English course, it is in Hindi, so my English writing skills need improvement before I attempt an English exam next month. Please help. Thank you.

Glenda Said:

Hi I write down my feelings in forms of journals,song lyric, short stories. Its going good, can I b a writer.?

We Answered:

Yes Why not? If you have a strong desire to be writer you will day

Chad Said:

Hi! Would someone be kind enough to let me know what these words written in Hindi launguge mean?????

We Answered:

aur ke haal-it isnt typical hindi but means-so how are u?
"Thank you for caring, and welcome back my best friend-care karne ke liye dhanyawad aur swagat hai mere sabse achche dost ka.

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