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English Writing Lesson

Courtney Said:

How can a student prepare a lesson to teach an English Class?

We Answered:

The other group was right in that they made the lesson interactive.
You could try making a short "jeopardy" type game, or a jigsaw type activity in which you hand out pieces of the text, or written questions and answers and they move around the room to match up. At the end of your lesson or activity, give them a short quiz to assess if they learned what you were trying to teach. Remember to start your lesson with an agenda: write the goals for the lesson on the board or OHP

Virginia Said:

what type of narritive story should i write for english that has a lesson?

We Answered:

- Growing up in poverty?
- Journeys of a mentally challenged person.

It's a toughy to come up with sorry i am drawing blanks.

Beth Said:

how to get flare in my english lesson?

We Answered:

Hey there, well good for you, you really want to learn, and its not too hard to have "flair" in your writing (heh not flare) anyways you are fortunate today, because I, the great answerer that I am, have fallen upon your question and will answer it fully! so lets start with my new state of the art method of solving problems the REALITY CHECK hahah all right!

Lets do this! all right so heres the facts
1) new term at school
2) new English teacher that says you need flair
3) you need ideas as to how to stand out

well its a good thing I underwent a similar thing in highschool, but heres the bad part buddy, flair isnt something you can just give to someone else, I cant reach into the back of my pocket and be like "yo man heres some high quality flair, you see that, thats originality sparkled in there you dont get that in the streets you know" NO it does not work like that, but I will tell you how it does, and how you can develop yours.

Flair is kind of like an artistic touch, for example you might draw things in a unique fashion, always exaggerating a certain feature. This is similar in writing, your flair is kind of what says "Hey world I wrote this, and you can tell because it sounds different!" so what you need to do is figure out what you like to write like. For example (and only example dont try and copy this unless its also you) i wrote with an informal and sort of joking tone in alot of what I wrote about, i also went into detail though, and got to the root of the problem and tried to solve it or at least offer a deep insight. That would be my sort of flair, i tried to keep things humorous and related them to modern things and issues (to not be boring) but also still did all the hard work. so what you need to do is find your style, figure out how you like to write, so that when you write it feels fun, and try and incorporate it, but never get too informal or get to risque, because teachers could get mad.

Practice writing a few responses to things here and there, experiment on your papers with different methods and see what you get. Most of the time being really honest and saying what you actually thought is good

Amy Said:

How do I create a writing lesson for English Language Learners in 2nd grade?

We Answered:

I'm, guessing this must be an ESL student, someone who knows a language other than english? Best way to learn it, is teach many words and write them repeatedly, like 5 times each, thats what I did in second grade and thats what I do in my italian class. Speaking and try telling her to write 50 -100 word letters, that will help well.

Myrtle Said:

Where Can I find this English Lesson (video) and audio tape online? Desperate for help!?

We Answered:

I don't know that you'll be able to find these resources online. However, if you live in a relatively major city, the public library would be an excellent resource - especially since it doesn't cost anything to use it!

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