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English To Punjabi Writing

Susan Said:

How do i tell someone to die in punjabi??

We Answered:

Marh Jah*

Oh, my mothter would die = Hai, meri maa teh marh joh gee

*"Jah" becomes "Joh" in past tense

Ralph Said:

Looking for translation English to Punjabi please?

We Answered:

Informal : "Mai hamesha teri dost ravangi" or "Mai hardam teri dost ravangi" (hardam means "every moment" to be precise) .

Polite: "Mai hamesha tuhadi dost/mittar ravangi" (mittar is another word for friend)

You might find it strange to use the polite form with a friend, but such is the Punjabi culture that it is not unusual to use the polite form in such context.

[0] rahungi is Hindi , ravangi is Punjabi. ravangi is not to be confused with the often similarly spelt Hindi/Urdu word which means Dispatch/Departure. It's pronounced differently though.
[1] The sentence is written for a female speaker. It would be a bit different(eg. verb ending) if a male speaker were to say the same.

Erik Said:

English to Punjabi Translation?

We Answered:

aadar: respect , honor , veneration
???? respect ?????? ?? ~ ???? ?????? ???
adab: respect , regard , polite , courtesy
?? an addage of respect ????? ?? ; ???? ??
??? respect ????? ~ ??? ??? ?? ??? ?????? ~ ????
Mata A prefix showing respect for elderly woman .
Baba A term of respect for a father or a holy man .
???? self respect ~ ???? ???? ??? ????? ?? ?????? ???? ?????
BÁB ??? Affair , mode , manner , state , condition ;—prep . Respect , about .
ABHARAM ???? Without doubt ; without credit , respect or character ; not to be relied upon…

I used this website.

Audrey Said:

Translate to Punjabi please:?

We Answered:

"hai! kini soni lagdi aa tu" hor "to aavdi photo ch sacchi kini soni lagdi aa

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