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Writing School Reports Examples

Myrtle Said:

What examples can i use to connect the last song with grief?

We Answered:

Examples of grief displayed are grief over:
death of a family member
divorce of parents
heartbreak in relationship (feel you can't trust your partner anymore)

Mario Said:

What are the best examples of renewable energy being put to good use in the real world?

We Answered:

Geothermal energy used in Iceland. Iceland's many geysers and hotsprings make it an excellent location for geothermal energy.

Niagra Falls and Hoover Dam... provide a ton of electrical power.

Joe Said:

what examples can i use to connect the last song with grief?

We Answered:

The divorce of Ronnie's parents.
Her parents say that love isn't enough sometimes, that's sad.
The fact that her father moved away.
She was mad at him all summer, giving him a hard time.
Just to find out he's dying.
He won't see his son grow up.
Ronnie (the daughter) decides to stay with him til the end.
The father watched his son pull out of the driveway.
That will be the last time he ever sees him.
Ronnie watches her father get weak and more sick.
He dies while she's playing the song on the piano.
The "Last Song" he wrote just for her.

Darlene Said:

Medieval times: School reports, please help I need 2 5paragraph essays.?

We Answered:

***** you do it yourself

Terrance Said:

What are the threats towards home and school computers?

We Answered:

Watch these short videos to learn more about the top security issues that affect home users like you. If you're new to learning about protecting your computer and your information online, you can start with the basics.

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