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Security Report Writing

Pauline Said:

How to write a daily activities report (security)?

We Answered:

There should always be something to do... make rounds, check out a suspicious vehicle, document a description of a suspicious person walking by, etc.

Worse case, make an entry stating "no activity".

Cathy Said:

write a report on web server security?

We Answered:

Unless you're in a huge hurry, have a listen to some of the podcasts from GRC/Security Now series.
Look through the topics and select relevant 'cast's...very informative & I'm sure you'll get all the info you need:

Gail Said:

Is it possible to report on people using Yahoo answers to the Homeland Security?

We Answered:

Homeland Security is a large organization that oversees various different aspects of the federal agencies under one umbrella.

As silly as it might sound, if you yell "BOMB" on a US owned-plane, you will be taken off, flight may be cancelled, and you will be detained and questioned by the FBI. Although 1st Amendment rights will apply, if it endangers the lives or propagates terrorist activities, even Constitutional rights will be secondary to the safety of the nation.

So, in short, the US is very serious when it comes to immigration, because terrorist activity (among others) seems to be connected or correlated in some ways - however, I have heard of no legal or case law that says that you will denied access for asking quesitons on how to illegally enter the US.

On the other hand, anyone can report anyone to Homeland Security if they suspet terrorist activity - but some, like your case, will have little merit in denying you entrance into the US, either as a visitor or student or resident applicant etc.

Imagine - "Sir, you are denied entrance here bc you asked a question on the immigration status of our country." As backwards as our legal system may seem at times, there is no way in hell such a legal argument would work. So, you're safe.

But then again, there was the McCarthy era, so, maybe you should just refrain from jokign around and simply ask things in a non-humorous, academic way to get answers that you're looking for.

Good luck!

Peggy Said:

League of Nations report by the Security Council?

We Answered:

I cant say for sure but this might help you it looks a bit like what you are looking for hope it helps…
or you could also try this…

Paul Said:

Can you help me write something for a security report?

We Answered:

Actually, that report just about tells all there is to tell. If he has to write it over and over every two hours, I'd become bored with that routine too. Why can't he suggest that a form be made by the security company that says the same thing and just put a check mark with the time and his initials?

If he must write it, I'd keep it as short as possible: "On location. Have pattrolled P1 and P2. All plate numbers are valid. No violations."

He should check with his supervisor first. The written report he's using may be exactly what they want and any variations could get him into trouble.

Laura Said:

I am looking for free sofftware to write Security Guard Incicent Reports?

We Answered:

Look under Microsoft Works on your comp. (spreadsheet)

Do you have Microsoft Excel on your comp., or a disk for it?
(this ones great)

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