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Sample Of Project Report Writing

Henry Said:

Please help me with a letter to councils who vote on declawing ban next week.....?

We Answered:

Even though I'm in a country that baned this many years ago. I will still write a letter.

I can see where you have problems with the sample letter. It is WAY too soft!! It needs more emphasis of the trauma and emotional side of the argument. Yet somehow still be short and sharp.

I will share my argument with you and I hope you are able to use something.

If you go to my profile and look at answers I have written to the declaw questions you'll find some good arguments for your cause. I have posted some very detailed info rather than just exploding at the asker.

My main concern other than mobility and the fact that it is the actual amputation of their toes, is that to be performed correctly is MAJOR surgery. The risk of complications is SO high and any infection in their feet at any stage of their life, has the potential to allow infection into the bones that remain in their feet. Bone infections don't respond well to anti biotics and can result in extreme pain and further amputations.
If owners don't look after these issues the animals die from septicemia or poisoning through the bones.

FOR OTHERS out there reading this, this is NOT an animal lib or rights issue.

THIS IS an animal welfare, cruelty, moral and humane issue.

Any one who chooses to be or have been aggressive towards people trying to outlaw this horrendous act of vanity and the magic $$$$. Pull your heads in and read the PAW PROJECT site.

You don't need to be an activist to get on board with this one, you just need to care about animals.

There is a lot of science behind this, not just a group of people blowing hot air to draw attention to themselves, for a pointless cause.

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