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Report Writing Topics

Sylvia Said:

What are good oral report topics to write about?

We Answered:

Global warming,the economy's economic crisis, music, jobs

Kenneth Said:

Which one of these topics should I write about for my report?

We Answered:

I believe you should definitely do your report on family because you deal with it everyday.

Bobbie Said:

Topics for consideration when writing a report?

We Answered:

Looks like you've already got a pretty complete skeleton for your paper. If you flesh everything that you've thought of out you can easily have 15+ page paper. How many do you need? If it's more than 15 then consider adding more but you've already got a lot on your plate. Focus on analyzing every point thoroughly then add more.

Johnny Said:

what are interesting science topics for 6th graders to write a report on?

We Answered:

How airplane wings generate lift

Delores Said:

Im writing a report on bullying. Any body have some good topics?

We Answered:

You can talk about teacher's attitude towards bullying and how difficult it is to seed it out because there are so many different kinds: for example, did you know that there is a form of bullying called "sexual bullying"? It's not extremely common, but it's largely ignored and you could always look that up, it would be an interesting thing to add to your speech. You could also talk about why people bully others and what we can all to do prevent it.

Sergio Said:

Writing a saints report for religion class, what topics should i do on the saint?

We Answered:

Here's what I'd Include:
- Where they were born
-When they died
-When they were cannonized and which Pope did it
- A prayer they wrote
-Their contributions and miracles
-Where they lived
-What order they founded (if applicable)

I would suggest doing a more modern saint, because you will find more information. Early saints are sometimes harder to research and may not have a formal cannonization. I suggest:
-St. Francis of Assisi
-St. Monica
- St. Dominic

This website may help:

Good Luck!
In Christ,

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