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Report Writing Techniques

Arlene Said:

MLA writing techniques.?

We Answered:

My school uses MLA format to cite things, so I think our schools would use the same tense.
Anyhow, my teacher says to ALWAYS write in present tense when writing about a book (he was actually talking about this today). He said that since it's fiction, so it not real & hasn't happened yet, so that's why you should write in present tense... sorry if that doesn't make any sense... but yeah. :) Good luck with your essay.

EDIT: I didn't read the Pact, but I'm assuming that it's fiction. If it's non-fiction, then I would say past tense because it's already happened.

Penny Said:

where can i find matter on report writing techniques?

We Answered:

1. Put all your ideas on paper (at this stage, don't worry about form);
2. analyze your ideas: write them out on a piece of paper; then, rank them (from the most general to the most specific);
3. the most general will be your first paragraph, and the most specific, the last; proceed this way until you have all the body paragraphs in order;
4. write an introduction (which will tell the reader what you will talk about);
5. write a conclusion (which will sum up the central idea of your paper);
6. review all the transitions from one paragraph to the other (see if your ideas flow smoothly with no loose ends).

Gene Said:

Can someone please give me pictures for these basketball techniques?

We Answered:







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