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Purpose Of Report Writing

Christina Said:

How do i write a purpose for a lab report?

We Answered:

The purpose section of a lab report is always to describe the question which is being investigated. I really don't understand your details entirely, but I can tell you how to write a purpose.

The purpose of this experiment was to determine. . . .

Never "to prove," or "to show," "to demonstrate," or "to learn." Always "to determine.. . . "

In other words, you are conducting an investigation, with no preconceptions.

What are you trying to find out? You need to approach this as if you were a scientist trying to find this out for the first time ever.

To put it a little differently, try to separate the scientific investigation from the educational process. You are approaching a physical process with an open mind. Forget what is expected, forget what is accepted. You are attempting, with your experiment, to answer a question. Bear that in mind as you write your purpose. What is that question?

In your "procedure" section and other sections, you will describe how you have attempted to answer that question. Leave this out of your purpose section entirely!

When you write your conclusions section, you will attempt to answer the question stated in your purpose section.

Purpose = question
Conclusion = answer to this question, based on results.

EDIT: Most purposes are best stated as "The purpose of this investigation is to determine the relationship between (A) and (B)." The conclusion can then be written in the format "The relationship between (A) and (B) is . . . as shown by . . . ." Or variations on that theme.

Annette Said:

***Report on a theme park..Writing in third person help??***?

We Answered:

To write in third person means to use words such as 'it', 'them', 'he', 'she', etc. Do not use words which suggest that you are portraying your own personal point of view such as 'I', 'my' etc as this is first person. For example, 'my target audience is 18-21' is written in first person, while 'the target audience is 18-21' is written in third person. Hope this makes sense!

Leslie Said:

What is the author's purpose of writing Running with Scissor's?

We Answered:

Try to ask yourself a few questions. Do you think he merely meant to describe his family? Do you think he meant to prove something about his life? Do you think that he only meant to entertain the readers? Do you think that he wanted to talk about his struggle?

Think about what you learned from the book, and maybe that will help you.

Good luck!

Jerome Said:

Lab Report Purpose and Hypothesis Help?

We Answered:

Your teacher wants you to write the hypothesis like this: If there are sweat spots on a cleat, then they will not direct the ball any differently than a regular cleat.
It's basically, If this happens, Then this will happen.
Hope this helps.

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