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Project Report Writing Sample

Bertha Said:

i'm searching for a science project for around 7th graders.?

We Answered:

well there's a balloon rocket! or there's which molds faster bread or a banana.

Jon Said:

please check my english writing?

We Answered:

It was a pleasure meeting with you and discussing the opportunity you have to offer. After speaking with you , I am further convinced that my experience and skills coincide with your needs, and I am certain I could make a significant contribution to the firm.

As per your request, I am attaching a sample of my English writing. As mentioned in my CV, the attached document is the preface for the action plan report that I made to reevaluate the current project management system in my company, based on PMP standards and best practices .

As we agreed yesterday, I am waiting for the financial offer.

Again, thank you for the interview and for your consideration.


[Always capitalize the pronoun I and avoid contractions in formal writing.]

Bob Said:

Recovering from Anorexia/Bulimia Meal Plan (project for school)?

We Answered:

I don't remember. They just started feeding me. I had anorexia, and now I realize that I'm fine the way I am. =]

Daisy Said:

HELPP..efficiency of laundry detergent?

We Answered:

This project has the potential to be very, VERY wasteful.

Here are some inputs for consideration:

- You don't need a whole piece of cloth/clothing to do the experiment -- a 1" square will do.

- One possible cheap approach is to go to a used clothing/Salvation Army type store and find handkerchiefs/bandannas that have the desired fabric composition. Soil the entire cloth, then cut it into 1" squares. Be sure to take (digital) close-up pictures of each square prior to washing.

- It would be advantageous if the handkerchief/bandannas are initially bright white. It might be a good idea to wash them prior to soiling and cutting.

- A red wine stain on a bandanna would be achieved by soaking it in a cup of red wine. This minimizes the amount of red wine used, and ensures that the test is fair -- all detergents use the same cloth, the same soak times, the same level of staining, etc. Play the same game with other types of stains.

- Minimize water use by using a tall glass of water to host each experiment. Based on the detergent's directions for 1 load, estimate the amount you'd need to scale back to use for 1 tall glass of water.

- If you use glasses of water to host the detergent, if you have enough glasses, you can perform all the experiments at the same time. (Time efficiency gained via parallel processing.)

- Do the cold water set in a separate run from the hot water set so that you can better ensure that the same kettle of hot water is used to fill each of the glasses, and that the samples are exposed to the hot water for approximately the same time and experience the same level of heat transfer loss during.

- it would be handy to devise a tool from a yardstick or broom handle that would allow you to dip, agitate and extract all samples at the same time.

- The assessment can be done in two phases -- let the detergent do its work without agitation at first -- give it 5 or 10 minutes -- pull the samples then take pictures again. Replace the samples, then agitate them. After 5 minutes, pull the samples and take pictures again.

- If you take the pictures in such a way that each sample square occupies the same number of pixels in the digital image, then you can use a color analysis to quantify how well each detergent did in cleaning its square.

- If you quantify the assessment result, then you can present your data as a histogram in addition to the qualitative analysis implied by the required table.

- The "pre-agitate" and "post-agitate" categories add an extra dimension to your data set; so make sure you point this out in the write-up and get some form of extra credit/consideration for your additional effort. (unless you find grade-grubbing objectionable.)

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