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Project Report Writing Example

Billie Said:

Does anyone have an idea for a math project?

We Answered:

I suggest you look at the GDP of China During the Reform period (recently):

Sharp increase in GDP during the reform period
GDP has risen from Rmb362.4 billion in 1978, at the start of the reform period, to Rmb13.7 trillion in 2004 (both figures at current prices).
Individuals have also become richer, with annual GDP per head rising during that time from Rmb379 to Rmb10,502.

Then look at the effect it has had on the migrationof the populace from the rural areas to the coastal econmic zones:
The open-door policy implemented over the past seventeen years has made China, since the early 1990s, one of the world’s largest exporters and the second largest recipient country of foreign direct investment (FDI). Both export expansion and FDI have concentrated heavily on the labour-intensive sectors, thus helping to employ large numbers of unskilled workers. At the same time, the open-door policy’s success is so far largely restricted to the coastal regions, in particular a handful of Special Economic Zones (SEZs). This unbalanced development pattern has induced internal migration flows of considerable size.…

Terri Said:

how do you write a science report-project?

We Answered:

With your hypothesis try to make a good assertion. Do not be vague. also back up your hypothesis with either everyday observations or perhaps a theory or some math.

Your aim is simply what you hope to accomplish. You can say I hope to demonstrate the laws of gravity, or say I hope to discover how fish breathe. Make sure you state what you are going to do.

discussion is where you talk about your resulsts and how they apply to the theories you are learning. bring up your data a lot and explain why it makes sense.

conclusion is where you explain why youre hypothesis was correct or incorrect. it doesnt matter if you were wrong, as long as you know what happened and why. talk about the success in the lab and what you would change to make the lab run smoother or better. discuss why your data might be off and account for percent error.

i hope this works for you, ive gotten a lot of A's on my labs over the years but all teachers are different.

Alfredo Said:

Boy Scout Eagle Project write up?

We Answered:

Don't sweat it so much.

Start by briefly describing the project, why you chose it, who benefits from it, etc.

Then describe the preparation that went into it- who did you talk to, what did you have to do to get it approved, what were your Scoutmaster's thoughts?

How did you actually run the project? How did you recruit help? How much manpower went into it? What leadership did you provide? Any interesting stories during the project?

Talk about the wrap up, approvals, etc.

Include photos, diagrams, copies of letters or memos involved, etc. But, also keep it short and moving along.

Ramon Said:

example for writing a acknoledgement?

We Answered:

Use correct spelling and good grammar, neither of which you have demonstrated in your question. College? You should have learned that in junior high school.

Christian Said:

Is there a website I can go on that gives writing assignments I can do?

We Answered:

Here are a few really good writing prompt/idea sites:…………

Hope these help!!

Marjorie Said:

how to write a acknowlegement letter for a project report?pls give examples?

We Answered:


i,---------,would sincerely like to thank my teachers for explaining the project nicely.

I would also like to thank my parents for helping and assisting me in my home work.

I would raeally appreciate my teachers comments,good or bad because i am in a learning stage and would love to be corrected.

i would also like to thank my teachers for giving me a chance to get knowledge about-------(concerned topic)

i have tried my level best to complete the project. hope you will like it.

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