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Management Report Writing

Marcia Said:

To write a essay/report on management ?

We Answered:…

Floyd Said:

does anyone know where i can get information on project planning and risk assessmentfor a report i have to wri?

We Answered:

Maybe, you find some time to surf this site:

You'll find a lot of material there that could help you to write your report.

Linda Said:

Need help with a report for Career Management? Please help.?

We Answered:

I don't know what's in *your* workshop, but I assume there are things like saws and electric drills. So you could cut off your finger or drill a hole in yourself if you don't use the equipment right.

You usually have to wear eye goggles so pieces of wood, metal and glass don't fly in your eyes.

If you're using chemicals, like paint, paint remover, solvents, cleaners, etc. you have to make sure the air circulation is good so you don't inhale too much toxic stuff. You may also need a face mask.

That should give you some ideas.

Alma Said:

Can someone please suggest me the suitable name of my report?

We Answered:

"What do you REALLY know? Functioning in a knowledge-based economy"

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