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How To Write A Crime Report

Ryan Said:

How to write a police report?

We Answered:…

Allan Said:

How do I write a police report?

We Answered:

Write it out chronologicaly, using legal terms like suspect and perpitraitor. Tell EVERY detail, anything that could be used in court should be written down, and be sure to include testimonies from neighbors, witnesses, etc.

Clara Said:

Please help with writing crime scene report?

We Answered:

Well, I'm only a Freshman in high school, but I am a CSI fanatic so I think I might be able to help.

Your paragraph seems a little to predictable. Maybe you should do something really out there,like in the latest episode of CSI. A truck driver finds blood leaking out of his garbage truck. (he works at a shredding factory that shreds garbage and transports it to landfills.) So the CSI investigators open the truck and out come pouring garbage and what they later find to be shredded body parts. It was crazy!!!

Or you can do something like the season premier of this season's CSI. (The one with Justin Bieber in it) Where they're at a funeral and its blown up and stuff.

If you want to find some really good inspiration, all you have to do is DVR as many CSIs as you can and just watch all of them. They have some really good killings in it.

Hope that helped!

Luis Said:


We Answered:

A crime report is a simple accurate record of the facts listing victims, suspects, witnesses, evidence gathered, a scenes of crime report (what was where), other relevant observations and summary.

Basically, who did what, when, what were the circumstances, who saw it, what evidence is there?

Enrique Said:

Can a police report be about a solved crime?

We Answered:

a police report is a report of a crime or accident

the case report covers all of the rest

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