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Field Report Writing

Shelly Said:

how do you write a field report? (geography)?

We Answered:…

not a great site but it may help...couldnt find anything directly answering your question.

Glenn Said:

what is the best topic about accountancy field? If you are asked to write a field report.?

We Answered:

I think validations and controls on the accounting processes. The Sarbanes/Oxley legislation that resulted from the recent Enron scandal is the newest thing in accounting since ledgers moved from paper to computer.

Norma Said:

How do i write a field report?

We Answered:


I use the seach engiine which is a clustered site. Saves going through millions of unwanted sites.

here is one when i typed in the search bar 'how to write a field report'…

this one is for biology but you can edit it or create your recycling one by looking at the example.

Actually this looks a great one to look at…

an example…

hope this helped

Esther Said:

Need help writing a pseudcode for a program that accepts the input field continuously and produces the report?

We Answered:

Output "Project Raises";

While Input Does Not Equal Exit
Prompt "What is employee's last name? Enter Exit to quit";
Input LastName;
Prompt "What is Employees First Name?";
Input FirstName;
Prompt "What is Employee's Current Weekly Salary?";
Input Salary;
NewSalary = Salary * 1.1;
Output "New Salary for " + FirstName + " " + LastName + " is " + NewSalary + NewLine;
End While

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