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Business Report Format

Lena Said:

I am working on finals and we have to set up a business report can someone help me with the formatting.?

We Answered:


Hector Said:

How do i show Ratio analysis with a data on excel in a business report format?

We Answered:

Normally all accounting packages will be downloaded in Excel.
In excel you can make all your data in each separate cell.
make every thing convert in to number thro' format option from the tool bar.
Then u can do your required excise against each cell by applying formulas as per your requirement.

Guy Said:

A memo Business Report is typically:?

We Answered:

I vote for C because a memo is not usually considered long, yet one page seems too short.

Laura Said:

how do you format a business report?

We Answered:

ok, I think you need to know what is it about first. For example -

background of the report (why did you do this report? is it for a problem?)

introduction (some reports will put an executive summary here, so it depends on what your report is about, for whom?)

main content - e.g. the scenario / problem / current situatin etc.

solution (if this is for a problem)


appendix is the interview or the case studies, or the additional details you want to give to the readers. e.g. the interview you did with the people to find out where the problem is.

references is the list of publications you have read or consulted during the preparation of this report. this should not be counted as part of the content.

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