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Advantages Of Report Writing

Violet Said:

What are some advantages of a written report and some disadvantages?

We Answered:

Depends on the context, but in most cases a written report leaves a paper trail for others to follow when a project or research effort is completed. The disadvantages? You have to do a lot of work and have a good handle of the English language. And (for some unscrupulous companies) it leaves a paper trail for others to follow their misconduct.

Bill Said:

I need advantages and disadvantages on chatrooms?

We Answered:

+You can meet new, interesting people
but NEVER meet ANY of these people in person because most people that want to meet you in person are most likely going to rape you or something... (lol!)
+Something to do just to pass the time away

-Most people lie about their age
-Also who they really are
-A lot of pedofiles go there to try to meet young people
in person
-Sometimes you can get weird types of viruses.
How? I have no idea. :]

aha, That's the best I can think of.
Hope I helped. :D

Samuel Said:

Advantages of writing a report? 10 points?

We Answered:

To broaden your knowledge in sense of use or gathering information on given subject. It helps to remember context of content which may be useful later on may for life or study purpose. Also it guides you how to write from beginning to end which includes in order. After writing a report it can be presented to audience or in a class room or in business meetings depending on purpose. If it for home work you need to follow guidance from teacher or do your own investigation. Also you need to follow specific criteria given in guidance. There is no such a thing that you can find everything ready according to your need. If that's the case then everybody will cheat to their teacher or to Presenter. Start thinking positively. First find aim of report, write main points, then broaden the points keeping main points in mind and total word to write( if given).

Kay Said:

advantages of writing a report? 10 points?

We Answered:

It helps you see exactly what needs to change to improve a system.

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