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Writing A Christmas Letter

Jason Said:

Need help writing a Christmas letter!! Quickly please!?

We Answered:

I think you should write a letter, and on one side, you should write like nothin's unusual about anything, and at the bottom, put something sarcastic that doesn't say, but suggests that you're being sarcastic about the whole thing

Marlene Said:

Writing a Merry Christmas letter to soldiers?

We Answered:

Say whatever is in your heart though wrap you letter around a parcel of whisky, chocolates and smokes and they will remember you

Wanda Said:

HELP! im writing an ex boyfriends mother a letter for christmas.?

We Answered:

First of all, do you have to write her? Are you that close? If No, then dont write her , if Yes the continue.

You could send blessing and hope for a joyous holiday. That youve been thinking of her and wanted to wish her a blessed filled holiday..soemthing like that..stay neutral..take care

and God Bless

Carlos Said:

Tips for writing a great Christmas / Holiday letter?

We Answered:

talk about as many good things as you can...ppl cant seem to handle negative things at Xmas...unrealistic fools I think but thats the truth

Ashley Said:

help writing a christmas letter back to my son/as santa!?

We Answered:

It really depends on weather or not you can afford the DSI. But if you can the first guest had a really good response.

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