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How To Write Quotation Letter

Bryan Said:

how do I write a polite letter reminding to reply to the email?

We Answered:

You may say something like "Your opinion is important".

Herman Said:

How you write this "letter" in a book?

We Answered:


The best thing to do is go to the library or your bookstore and have them show you where the writing section is. There are some great books out there that show you exactly how to write to a literary agent, or how to write a resume letter that has the exact buzz words they look for. It's better to buy these books so you can mark the pages for future reference. You can't do that with a library book.

People can show you on YA, but in the books there are exact photocopies on the pages for each example they show. You can then reproduce these letters to suit yourself.

Good luck!


Vincent Said:

how should i write my letter to decline a quotation of a product?

We Answered:

Can you be more specific? Elaborate a little and I may be able to help you. What type of letter are you writing to whom? What exactly are you wanting to leave out?

Dale Said:

how to write a quottion letter?

We Answered:

Goto the following page:

Kim Said:

i need to write a official letter for quotation for factory how to write please give me sampel thanks....?

We Answered:

I really don't mean to sound rude but I hope that you are going to have someone else write the letter for you or at least have someone do a spelling and grammer check considering that your letter is going to be official.
(an official) (sample) Maybe you could be a little clearer in what you mean by "for quotation for factory."

Sarah Said:

how to write quotation letter ? to our client.?

We Answered:

You can visit this site

Shawn Said:

How i do to write a quotation letter for some items?

We Answered:

Well, you know how much for want for each item -

Just list the item and the asking price

That's all you need

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