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How To Write A Letter To A Judge

Vivian Said:

how to write a letter to a judge for a reduction in fine for speeding ticket?

We Answered:

Have you called the courts to tell them this information? Do you have your deployment paper work to back you up? If so they might show leniency and charge you the original fine. You may also ask the courts if you are allowed to take driving school class to prevent points on your license and your insurance from going up. Thank you for defending our great country!

Shannon Said:

How to write a letter to the judge asking for an extention to pay a ticket?

We Answered:

Having a baby by itself is not an excuse to get an extension for paying a ticket, however, you may not have to write a letter. First try to call the traffic court and see what they say, they may be able to set a new date without you having to go in and ask for an extension. Explain to them that due to the financial hardship due to having just given birth, you cannot afford to pay the ticket by the time allotted on the ticket, and that you're requesting an extension.

Jamie Said:

How do i write a letter to a judge asking for leniency on my 21 yrs son?

We Answered:

Trust me, if you write the judge a letter, the judge will not read it. I've heard numerous judges say they received letters from defendants and their family members, but they refuse to read any of those letters. If you want to plea for leniency to the judge, the time to do that is at your son's hearing. Contact his attorney and request to be a character witness at his next hearing.

Scott Said:

How to write a letter to the judge?

We Answered:

Letters begin:

The Honorable Judge .............
xxxxxxxxx Court

To the Honorable Judge......:

I received two tickets indicating that there were deficiencies in the car I was driving at the time. However, that vehicle was not my car and I was driving it only that night. Since it is not my car, I can't make the repairs necessary and therefore the owner of the car should have received a ticket to get it repaired. I will not borrow that vehicle again.

The vehicle was owned by........... (put in name and address) and put a copy of the tickets but keep the originals. Keep a copy of your letter and send the letter certified mail.)


Note: If you know the vehicle was repaired by the owner, take photos of the vehicle or ask the owner for something showing it was repaired and include that in the letter. You were driving a car that was faulty and if the tickets were a fine and you didn't pay, you may owe them. Sounds as though the court would waive the fine if the car was fixed so it is your responsibility to show that the vehicle was fixed. If it was owned by the dealer, then put that in the letter. Were you just taking a test drive to decide to buy the car? Was there a court date you missed? Why?

Good luck.

Joan Said:

How to write a letter to a judge for driving privileges.?

We Answered:

its only 30 days, when the 30 days is over, your liscense will be OK, if you paid all the fines, and reinstatement fee.

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