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Hindi Letter Writing

Patricia Said:

Please, there is a friend's letter written in hindi someone which can translate me?

We Answered:

dear.. world champions......of football.....i am fan of ur team........congrats........

yaa i will help u.
i am indian
ican know the hindi .so i beieve i can help u for this problem.........send acopy to me.....
i can translate it in to only english.coz..... i don't know italian.....
if don't mind...can you teach me something in italian language

Theodore Said:

can someone pls write the story of jane tu ya jane na in hindi?

We Answered:

why you need this why dont u see the movie it is very good movie

Margaret Said:

How to learn Hindi fast (speaking and writing letters and essays)?

We Answered:

Watching movies should get you hooked to Hindi quick. Once you like the language more, get some hindi magazines or something. The quality of the content is not very literary though :-D

Brenda Said:

With what greeting would you start a business letter written in hindi?

We Answered:

Namaste Shrimanji

Terri Said:

Hindi writing help, please?

We Answered:

Look at this link…

You may choose many options. I like Baraha, where you can type any Indian Language.
You can download Baraha here
Read about Baraha here
???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ?????? ????? ??? ???? ??? ??? ???

Brett Said:

how write letter S in hindi i want that letter as tattoo?

We Answered:

letter S in hindi "??"
but the sound "saa" comes from "?"

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