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Cool Ways To Write Letters

Ian Said:

cool ways to write the letter c and m?

We Answered:

These ones are beautiful:…
They're pretty difficult, though!

Or these ...………………

Lonnie Said:

On myspace, what are cool ways to write the name "Jordan"?

We Answered:


With any of there symbols will look great
?? ? ?™ ? ? ?? ??? ? ? ?


Claudia Said:

i want to know who to write Ashley in cool letters?

We Answered:

Try writing her name in the snow, that always melts 'em.

Dan Said:

What are some cool ways to decorate t-shirts?

We Answered:

I did a t-shirt once with iron letters then i glued on fake jewels and then i took fabric spray paint and sprayed the front and back. One other shirt I did i tye died then ironed letters on it. One more i did was i took fabric marks drew letters on and then glue jewels. One last idea is draw letters on with fabric makers, then take fabric, cut out ur letters, and then glue the cut out letters over the drawn on letters,

Marion Said:

what are some cool ways to write the letter t?

We Answered:

not easy on this keyboard

Rachel Said:

cool way to write myspace display name?

We Answered:


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