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Step Up To Writing

Philip Said:

Why can't our Military Vets STEP UP write senators or run for office to get the USFSPA rewritten or REPEALED?

We Answered:

My neighbor who is military came back from Iraq and his wife was 8 months pregnaunt by a boyfriend who disapeared they got a divorce and after next month he has to start paying 45% of his retainer pay to his ex wife

This is not FAIR he did nothing but gets a double wammy.

Tim Said:

Does anyone know what step up to writing is?

We Answered:

Im not sure what you want the focus of your paper to be? I have the website of Mission of San Juan Cap, but I need to know more about what you want to focus paper on, before you write intro sentence.

Scott Said:

what are the steps in writing up a license agreement to protect my idea.?

We Answered:

Hire a lawyer.

Jeremy Said:

Where can I find an editor, that will help me clean up my writing before sending it to a publisher?

We Answered:


Having done some writing in the past,the best way for you to clean up your writing is to do a re-write.I would respectfully suggest you leave your work for a few day and then re-read it.You should then,paragraph by paragraph,check for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, punctuation problems and accuracy of your written word.

I would further suggest you read the best source on the subject the link for which is below. This website will have everything you've ever wanted to know about writing, publishing etc and will be well worth your time reading.

I do wish you well in your endeavours!

Big L 266

Andy Said:

step up 2?????????????

We Answered:

Okay I was in the movie as an extra, although they were very nice, I did not like either of the "new people". They old characters were hotter!!! Step Up 2 has a new director also, who gave a kind of new vision to the movie, I think its worth seeing, the story line is way way better.

Leslie Said:

Jericho got picked back up for next season by CBS?

We Answered:

Good point. Maybe viewers would take more interest if they had a bit of background. Not so much on the characters - I think their development through the first season spoke volumes of their past - but what led up to the bombings. Hopefully, though, they would only spend an episode or two on that - maybe through flashbacks . More than that and it would slow the progress of the storyline in general.
I loved the show from the first episode, even though it's dark premise almost led me to dread the next one. At the same time I was drawn into the story episode by episode.
I hope its return is welcomed and the series renewed for the full season.

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