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Employee Write Up Form

Evelyn Said:

I need assistance to write employee warning letter, getting around the company system?

We Answered:

It would be insubordination for compromising corporate integrity by taking an internal procedure outside the company.

George Said:

Where can I find a sample page of a form that allows you to write up an employee?

We Answered:

If you have MS office or Word/Access/Excel, try searching for an "employee appraisal" template. I've provided a link for the results page.

Beth Said:

Can I be written up twice for same offense?

We Answered:

That sounds like a hate campaign rather than a punishment, and you're right, it could be endless.

I would get legal advice - it sounds very iffy.

Kathleen Said:

I have an employee and I need to Write her up for missing too much time.?

We Answered:

As a manager of 200 staff, I can understand your frustration. To avoid the legal issues associated with this type of behaviour, the HR department where I work has in possession a document we use when dealing with absenteeism. I utilize this document alot and it helps me bring this concern to the attention of the employee. I would strongly recommend you read this.There are sample letters included in this as well.…

Good luck to me if you have any further questions.

Allan Said:

I signed a write up because I feared being fired from my job. Can I appeal the write up?

We Answered:

Hi. You need to clock out, that's part of the job. Also legally you did not have to sign. Peace

Clara Said:

Can I be written up twice for the SAME offence?

We Answered:

You know. I have never understood the reasons behind unions until i never had a union. People need representation. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do. DO NOT sign the termination. I worked at a private ambulance company before becoming a firefighter. We had an incident where a co worker was bitten by a patient who had sepsis. A week later he was fired for something that happened 2 months prior. Which i believe was a no call no show. So the private ambulance company fired him to avoid high insurance cost to the company.

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Terry Lawton said:

Awesome post. Here’s a tool that lets you buildemployee vacation request apps or forms in minutes, without coding