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Essay Writing On Pollution

Velma Said:

Help on essay question about pollution.?

We Answered:

Well this probably isn't that great of an answer but...

Would you ever kill an animal for no reason? Would you ever dump waste into your ocean? Well polluting the earth is like destroying your house.

I don't know, something ti extend upon i guess...
Sorry it's not very good

Bruce Said:

how to write an essay on vehicular pollution?

We Answered:

Hello Maddy, In urban areas – both developing and developed countries, it is predominately mobile or vehicular pollution that contributes to air quality problem. All motor vehicles release pollutants into the air, mostly through the exhaust fumes that come out of the tailpipe when the engine operates. Tailpipe emissions are products of burning fuel in the vehicle's engine, emitted from the vehicle's exhaust system. The worst thing about vehicular pollution is that it cannot be avoided as the vehicular emissions are emitted at the near-ground level where we breathe.

• High vehicle density in Indian urban centers.
• Older vehicles predominant in vehicle vintage.
• Inadequate inspection and maintenance facilities.
• Predominance of two stroke two wheelers.
• Adulteration of fuel and fuel products.
• Improper traffic management system and road conditions.
• High levels of pollution

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