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Samples Of Creative Writing

Joel Said:

What are some good ways to get people to visit and follow my blogs?

We Answered:

you must learn the SEO - Search engine optimization for "how to get traffic , so people can come to your webpages or blog", and always learn from the best.

You can also attend to WIS - World Internet Summit whuch held on Sydney by march 13-16, 2008


Cecil Said:

Writing Sample? (freelance writer)?

We Answered:

Hi A&I - each interview is going to be different. Your best course of action is to have multiple writing samples available. Then if your interviewer wants one page you have a page, if it is 10 then you have ten. I suggest researching the company some and see where their main interest lies and use that. But to best be prepared call and ask - being prepared is going to be an excellent point to your advantage. And researching the requirement shows that you are proactive and interested in the position.

Sylvia Said:

How are these writing samples, good or bad?

We Answered:

I say its great for a 11th grader. The writing makes me want to go to sleep, not in a bad way. But a peaceful, soft, beautiful kind of way. Your writing would be something I would read late at night so that it would help me go to bed. Good work and best of luck. Sorry if I insulted you, I'm not the best with words.

Denise Said:

Samples of writing?

We Answered:

I'd probably go with anything you've had to write that involved interviewing people, as well as current news.

Bernice Said:

Writers: Journalism & Creative Writing Majors?

We Answered:

As of yet I am not a published author. However, your situation is much like my own and the advise I have received on this exact same subject from professional authors should be beneficial to you in making your decision as well.

When I asked sci-fi and fantasy author David Farland at his writing workshops (and through conversations and podcasts of other pro authors, see my sources below) about this subject my feedback was basically that there are advantages and disadvantages to both and you don't really need a degree to get published in fiction writing.

There are many examples of authors who majored in something else, but then broke into the business years later. When I asked David Farland if he were doing college over again, or if he were me what would he major in, he said something with creative writing and a advertising or business major. As far as majors or minors, or what balance of each he didn't say.

That opinion seems to be the consensus from what I've learned from other professional authors too. They don't really highly recommend journalism, or even a MFA degree, but they don't not recommend it either. The degree itself doesn't guarantee a successful career as a writer, and often times the dangers is to get into one of these programs, not really know how to write well enough to make it as an author, and you end up teaching for your career rather than writing. This was one of the problems David Farland said he saw with people who taught creative writing in college's. They spent so much time teaching writing that their writing skills soured during off times of college and they remain to this day unpublished or not full time writers.

A lot (but not all) of classes at colleges don't teach you what you really need to learn to make it as a professional authors. You can learn some of the basics of story structure, and analyzing literature, but coming up with a sellable story is another game entirely. For that you really need to learn from the Authors themselves.

I've been told over and over write what you know, or write whatever it is that you love. As such I would say pick whatever degree suits your fancy, and would probably provide a backup career in the meantime until you hit full time writer status. Majoring in psychology I think would be great and I have found personally a lot of information useful to applying to my understanding of writing characters in fiction and many other insights –but the choice is yours.

Weigh your options and choose carefully. An MFA can sometimes help you have the writing time you need, but sometimes not. Some degree's are more focused on analysis and literature courses rather than on actually writing, and some are more workshop oriented where you actually write something, get feedback, and try to get it published. The downside I found with a lot of my study of MFA degrees and talking with college councilors is that the courses don't really focus on science fiction writing –which is what I love– or any specific genera until much later (MFA or beyond). Before that there is either fiction or poetry. Poetry's OK, but for me I know I would get bored with that.

For a better introduction and understanding of how they can be helpful or a hinderance check out "The creative writing MFA handbook : a guide for prospective graduate students" by Tom Kealey (just click the link below). He explains the pros and cons of choosing such a degree. Ultimately, its up to you to plan the time to write and make it happen.

Summary of Advise
1) Pick something your passionate about and would probably provide a good backup degree until your full time writing status takes off. It takes awhile, seven to ten years to break in is typical from what I heard David Farland say.
2) Learn from the Pros and go to conventions and cons (the writing excuses program will teach you more about that).
3) Make sure no matter what you choose you have time to write and a lot of it.

The writing excuses program is made by three professional authors who sit down and talk about "how to write" on a weekly basis. They covered this very topic on "Do creative writing classes help?" in the link below.

Also, David Farland is one pro who take the time to do a lot of workshops around the country to help writers understand what it takes to become a professional writer, give career advise, and lots of writing pointers. His "Kick in the Pants" articles on his website come highly recommended and cover a host of topics that writers deal with.

Wallace Said:

Does anyone on here do any creative writing?

We Answered:

Okay. I write fanfictions under the penname of Shinobi Shinigami. I write serious (action/adventure) and humor. I'll give you a sample of my most popular story. It's Harry Potter/ Naruto crossover. I'm not sure if you'll get some of it and some terms but here it goes. (If you watch Naruto, you'd understand it more. INcluding hidden clues) My stories are normally like 5000 words long. This is only like a quarter of the chapter. I also write original stories like one called The Network. I'm planning for it to be published in 2 years.

Fake Wizards Fake Shinobi:

Three shadowy figures crouched against a lone little hut on the edge of the forest they had just emerged from. The grounds were dark and the pale full moon didn’t give enough light to the angle they were at to see their features. They were hidden so well in the shadows that only the trained eye could see them. And that was only if they were actually looking thoroughly for them. If someone did spot the trio then they spotter would be disposed of. So there were no worries, especially since there were no trained eyes to be careful of either.

“So, are you ready?” One of them asked. The darker outline shifted his position slightly.

“Yeah. It has to be now or never. We saw them take out the false professor already so they probably won’t suspect another attack. They think it’s all been taken care of.” A second figure said in a hoarse whisper like he was having trouble whispering. “Now where’s the map?” He asked holding out a hand. The third figure bent down to her waist and went inside a pouch. They then pulled out a rolled up parchment.

The first person took it though and sprawled it out on the ground in front of them. It didn’t matter that they didn’t have enough light. They memorized it like the back of their hands.

“Okay, so his office is located here on the second floor.” The first said (for right now their names are first, second, and third). “I say we go—“ He was cut off by a dogs deep growl and bark from the inside the hut.

“Wha is it Fang?” A deep curious voice said silently. A light flickered on to the ground nearby them. “Fang? No one should be out dere” The man said again. This time footsteps creaked the floorboards inside. The threesome outside stifled their breaths and took them nice and short trying not to be heard by any way. There were still sounds from inside.

It wasn’t safe for them. The third turned to the partners and mouthed: ‘Run’. The other two nodded. The second gathered up the map and shoved it in his thigh pouch. Slowly getting up not taking any chances of being heard they swiftly ran across the field in front of them leading towards their destination.

Luck wasn’t with them this time. The man just happened to be staring out his window looking for someone or something. That’s when he saw them. In the faint dust of moonlight and the glow from the one-room hut’s lamps, he could make out two boys and a running up towards the castle.

“INTRUDORS!” He bellowed.
A boy propped himself up in his bed. His messy black hair matted by sweat onto his scarred forehead. Cuts ran across his face from the tasks he had to endure. He swore he had just heard something. A shout. He reached out blindly to find his glasses. Finally finding them on his bedside table he shoved them up onto the bridge of his nose and looked at his clock. It read 11:57 P.M.. It was about to be midnight and someone was sceaming? Was it a dream? No.
Across the room he saw someone move. Then was a rustle of blankets being thrown off. “Mate, did you hear that too? I thought I was dreaming it at first.” The person said.

“Yeah Ron, I heard it.” The scarred boy said getting out of his bed and slipped on his untied shoes. Ron already knowing what his friends intentions and movements meant slipped out of his four-posted bed and grabbed his red and gold robe which he shoved on like his blackhaired friend. Finding his wand he made his way over to the door and waited leaning against the wall while the scarred teen rummaged through his trunk tying to find something.

"Got it." he whispered pulling out the object. It's silky fabric felt like water falling through his fingers.(1)Clutching it they opened the door and crept down the steps making sure to jump over the creeky one. The last words said before the material was draped over them and the portrait door opening was from Ron: "Harry, whatever you do, don't tell Hermione. She'll flip." Then they vanished in more ways than one. They vanished from sight, anyone's sight because of the material draping them was an Invisibility Cloak. Then they left the warm safe Gryffindor Common Room to whatever made that noise and what had caused the noise.
Over towards the left, lights from inside a huge wooden ship turned on illuminating the area around where it was anchored on the lake. To the right a nice little (little? That's an understatement) carriage flickered on their lights too which glowed on the grass and showed how a fog was rolling in. Which was good for the trios purposes.
With all the lights, they would be noticed, but the fog was becoming denser every minute or so. Their features still covered.

Though with all of this outside, Hogwarts Castle was still dark and silent. Tonight was a lucky night for an assassin. Yes, extremely lucky and nice... So far.

The kids on these massive objects noticed yelling at the top of their lungs would get them no where. That's when using a wand came in handy and they sonorus-ed their voices to yell Intrudors and such. The actual Intrudors cringed a bit inside but would never show it.

Soon, lights on the castle's lower level turned on and red and orange and blue beams of light from the right and left were trying to hit the three running at inhuman rates. But that was the catch. Aiming beams that go straight at people running at least 60-80 mph was not getting anywhere especially when they would be hit they would jump and dodge them at the last second.

More lights appeared through Hogwarts windows...

"SCREW THE PLANS!" The second boy screamed. The other two looked at him and nodded.

"Meet up at the second floor. That's where the prey is." The only said. And just like that each one of them went seperate ways. Focused on meeting again and completing this ever so exciting mission.

The two boys were walking on the fifth floor, only two floors down from their nice warm beds. It wasn't too late to turn back if they wanted to. But wimping out was one thing Ron Weasley and Harry Potter weren't. Adventure and danger was their life and all that was brought by nebbing into others business and curiousity. And one thing was right: Curiousity COULD Kill the Cat. In three years alone attending this marvolous school, they were almost killed numorous times for poking their noses where they shouldn't have been. And that three years were not including the one that would be finishing in a matter of days.
It was surprisingly quiet though. Their was scraping noises here and there from magical creatures or mice, or you couldn't count out the mixture of the two meaning mice being the victums of missed curses or charms students cast in the hallway at enemies.

The final conclusion was: It was TOO quiet for something to be going on at Hogwarts. Harry's scar didn't hurt like hell like it normally did like the other day when the fake Mad-Eye Moody tried to kill him or when he was face to face with Voldemort in the old dark graveyard. He felt normal with no pain seering through his body that felt as though he would be cripled or split in half.

They didn't realize that lights were being flickered on downstairs. And that anyone was up. No. All that mattered was all that silence was suddenly broken by the sonorus-ed voices of the French and Belgium wizards and witches from the visiting schools.


That word bounced around inside their heads. After that, life jumped around the castle halls. Lights flew on and the ghosts appeared. Teachers came rushing out of their courters and Head Boys and s flew along the halls to get orders from respective proffessors. All through this they were unnoticed. Of course they were. The invisibility cloak wasn't invisibility for nothing.

The hall was becoming quieter as people fled down or up the steps checking on the common rooms and supporting whatever must come from the entrance.

Soon it was basically empty until it was only those two boys still frozen to the floor like they were cemented to the ground.

"Bloody Hell, Harry. Intrudors! If like Mad-Eye wasn't enough this year or the return of You-Know-Who. Bloody Hell!" Ron repeated his eyes unfocused as he stared into the oblivion.

"Yeah, but we have nothing to worry about. They'll be gone befor..." Harry's sentence trailed off as he saw a boy climb into the castle by the window. Ron saw this too.

"H-h-harry? Tell me I'm imagining that!" He whispered with his wavering voice. Harry shook his head ever so slightly.

They were about to move. Move slowly away from danger that they could sense emitting from this man crouched on the windowsill. But suddenly they didn't have the will to do so. Something this mysterious man did. That something was turning his head toward their general direction. Normally that would be thrown out of suspicion for Snape had looked at him under this questioningly multiple times. But this man. His eyes were focused specifically on them. Right on their pinpointed location. His eyes were a different scare. They were red. A brilliant blood red with three comma like pupils spinning in them. They were menacing and were telling Harry and Ron that they would die.

After what seemed for an eternity, the man finally got off the ledge and ran down the hall and down the steps. The two fourteen year old boys were shaking frightfully.

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