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Creative Writing Topics For Middle School

Perry Said:

Independent Research Project Ideas?

We Answered:

First, you have to do what you are really into! Then, choose something very broad, like an entire subject, animals, art, etc. Then, brainstorm on what you can research on. For example, if you like history, then choose a big subject like the pyramids or an entire culture. Then keep going deeper and deeper into the subject.

What I would do is research on the theory of the book "da Vinci Code" there are many things that you can discover in the book that are real and some that are not true, other things can be put into discussion and that would be pretty interesting to have your own views and ideas. You can also talk about how you would change parts of the book and why

James Said:

What are my chances of getting into DePaul, Benedictine, or northwestern?

We Answered:

IDK about Benedictine but with at least a 3.4 and a 24-25 on the act you will get into DePaul. NW is much harder to get into though i think your act would have to be in the 30's plus a gpa of 3.75 or higher. However, those are not the only factors so take plenty of AP course and participate in ECs.
Good luck!

Elizabeth Said:

Could I have Aspergers?

We Answered:

I am not a health care professional. It does to me however sound as if you do have Asperger's.

I am amused that you have had a Joy Division obsession and are only 16! I love Joy Division and am old enough to be your mother and then some. What is a funny coincidence is I too, developed a Joy Division obsession recently. I wasn't particularly interested during the brief time in my youth that the band was big, just many years later I developed an obsession. Favorites song right now are "Disorder" and "Heart and Soul".

Then it was tornadoes.... Yes, I am an Aspie.

This is how Asperger's is diagnosed, read:…

I will probably update this post later.

Cheryl Said:

what would be a good topic for my journalism class paper?

We Answered:



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