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Creative Writing For Grade 2

Daniel Said:

You know, I find it hard to achieve good grade score in university?

We Answered:

The first thing you need to do is attend classes on a regular basis. If you are not there, you cannot receive a good participation grade; plus, some professors will mark you down one whole grade just for missing a certain amount of days.

If you are having trouble listening and understanding during lectures, take a tape recorder with you to class and record the lectures so you can also listen to them later. This does not give you an excuse to not listen in class, but will reinforce what you are hearing in class.

Also, be sure to take notes while you listen. That way you can check the notes against what you have recorded and fix your notes (be sure to always do this).

I am wondering if you are a second language learner? If you are, trying to understand everything at the college level probably can be very frustrating for you, which is much more the reason to record the lectures. Be sure to talk to your professors about the recording, letting them know that you are doing it to help yourself do well in class. Most professors will allow it. Or are you in a different country than the US? That would also be an important piece of information.

I would also contact your academic adviser about the problems you are having. That person is supposed to be there to help you through the university by giving you ideas and helping you make the best choices.

DON'T GIVE UP! I hope you have better success!

Roger Said:

Do you think I have a good shot at getting into a good college?

We Answered:

It is certainly nice to have all those things on your resume. All that will get your foot in the door, so to speak. That is to say, you'll get an interview. But the key to getting accepted at a good school is really NOT grades or lots of "resume building-blocks."

Many people are somewhat surprised to hear this at first, but the key to getting accepted at a good school is impressing us with what kind of a human being you are. There are many folks who will get accepted at the schools on your list based on the strengths of: the essay they write, the recommendations they receive, and the interviews they give. And lots of folks with stellar GPA's get rejected because of weaknesses in those same areas.

I have interviewed a number of applicants for a variety of different schools, and the Admissions Offices always ask me one question *first* : "What unique contributions will this person make to our campus?" Unfortunately, I am sometimes forced to say, "none." Not because the young man/woman isn't somewhat intelligent or well-intentioned. But because s/he simply has no passion for anything or anyone that doesn't ultimately serve her own vision or ends. . . . . nor does s/he seem to posses the critical self-awareness that would make it possible to question that vision, those ends.

What am I saying here? To be admitted to one these top schools, you must demonstrate that you posses the drive to go beyond yourself--both in the moral sense of truly serving others in a deeply committed way.....and in the cognitive sense of continuously challenging and re-examining your notions about what is real, true, right and good.

Lori Said:

Can you name 2 good, medium length poems (I have to recite them) ?

We Answered:

nothing old can stay (kinda short but its beautiful) and the road not taken both by frost

Emily Said:

Need help with editing lesson in a 2nd grade class?

We Answered:

Keep it simple. Students should 'edit' their own work for grammar, and spelling. Teach the rules for editing and model how to edit in whole group. Then individual editing can be done for indenting the beginning of each paragraph, capital letters at the beginning of each word and periods, exclamation points or question marks - as indicated - at the end of each sentence -by each student for their own work.

At the second grade level, editing for spelling can be time-consuming and tricky. I would ask each student to edit their own papers for misspelled words by circling any that they are unsure about. I would set myself up at a table in the room and call it the "information desk". Only after each student has done all of the editing required can they come back to me to get help with any words they think they've misspelled.

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