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Creative Ways Write Names

Velma Said:

Creative ways to write Jessica!!? PLEASE HELP!!!!!?

We Answered:

Could you take a photo of yourself holding a sign with your name on it?
Take pictures of loads of people called Jessica and create a collage on the paper (don't do this if its a graphic design project, though)
If it's specific to you, try and sum up your personality in the script so if you like dancing, then try and incorporate that, if you like cats use that etc.

But when I was doing Graphic Design, I found the best way was to just write it over and over again in as many different ways as I could think, playing with shapes, trying to improve on every design. Generally, the more paper you waste the better the final design.

Rhonda Said:

I need a creative way to write my name on Myspace?

We Answered:

These sites give you creative fonts after typing your name in :]…

Harvey Said:

What are some creative ways the write the name Nicholas?

We Answered:

what about Nicholocho

Jesse Said:

What are some cool,creative,ways to write your name and what are some cute borders to draw around your paper?

We Answered:

What is the purpose of this? Is this just a way to personalize the assignments you hand in? Is this an art project? Then, what is it that you find so cool about what your friends do? I need to get an idea of your artistic values, as well as what you've already seen.

Yolanda Said:

creative ways to write cloee?

We Answered:

this should help you out trust me

Willie Said:

What are some creative ways to write my name?

We Answered:

Well, for stylish you could maybe draw something like a purse...

For royal you could draw a corwn...

For procratinate you could like write a fake peice of paper with LATE circled in the top

For altheletic you could take your sport and incorporate your name into it.

I'm not that creative..but i hope it helps!

Gerald Said:

What are creative ways to write names on cups?

We Answered:

you could get some sticky backed silver fablon write the names in bubble writing and cut and stick you could also make labels on your computer and print them out in a nice font and colour and size and then draw holly and mistletoe and poinsettias on them

Discuss It!

wend said:

How do you write the name Wendy

lyndsay said:

how do you put lyndsay in a cool way

what is essayontime said:

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