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Bias In Business Writing

Rita Said:

About the start-up business proposal, how to deal with the marketing forecast?

We Answered:

Not knowing the type of business or your situation I'm not sure if this helps...
I presume you've already contacted Small Business Admn. ( and gotten info or a template on writing a business plan.
You are correct, it's difficult to predict; all you can do is enter numbers--however they must be realistic for the type of business.

Try Entrepreneur magazine ( and search "writing a business plan". They have sample business plans for sale and may for the type of business you're seeking. They also have a section or even a blog where you can get help. Finally, they have access to consultants for hire as you may want to consider that as well.

Violet Said:

Forbes hires Incompetent idiots? Writing biased business articles..?

We Answered:

I agree..

Regina Said:

What should businesses bare in mind when writing and using a questionnaire?

We Answered:

Questonnaires are tricky. Businesses should know how the questionnaire is going to be used. Meaning what does the business what to know from its consumers or potential consumers.
Secondly, be mindful how the questions are phrased. BE concise and to the point, but make sure that questions are geared toward what information that you are looking for. I would sugest taking a class about doing questionnaires or find a professional company to do it for the business.

Andrea Said:

Are Leafs fans not REAL hockey fans?

We Answered:

AwesomeBill, it' apples to oranges. Canadian fans care a lot more about how teams in their country do than American fans care about Amewrican teams. I mean, Hockey is Canada's sport, and even if you team is out of it, there's a good chance you want Ottawa to win the Cup because that would bring the Cup to Canada.

It's not like that in America. We care about our team and only our team, for the most part. The Super Bowl comes to our country every year. Same with the NBA title and the MLB title (except those 2 years with the Blue Jays). So it's not a point of pride to have a major championship won by us, because it happens several times a year anyway.

You can trace it back to Toronto, because they have the stats on which areas of the country get what ratings. The ratings say that people in Toronto aren't watching the Sens as much as they were watching the Flames and the Oilers. They are huge rivals with the Sens and just don't like them, so they are not particularly excited by the prospect of a Senators Cup. They don't like the Sabres either--they are not a Canadian team and they are also rivals with Toronto. They loved the Oilers run, but not so with the Sens run.

I'd say that Toronto fans care about any Canadian team that is not Ottawa, based on the fact that ratings were up in previous years. If they didn't care about anyone other than the Leafs, then they would just have flatlined ratings over the last 3 years. But the years when it was Alberta teams going to the finals, the Leafs were interested. It's just the Sens that they shun.

That's my guess, anyways.

But what do I know, I'm just a silly Yankee who hasn't seen snow since April. And that's late for us. *sigh* I wish America was hockey crazy like Canada. Oh well. At least we have American cheese. =)

Clyde Said:

Why does Harry's Law starrng Kathy Bates have such a liberal bias?

We Answered:

David E. Kelley. You know, the guy who did Ally McBeal, Boston Legal, The Practice, Chicago Hope, Snoops and LA Law. I'm surprised that you're surprised.

And the show will be canceled not for its "liberal bias," but because it's not a very good show.

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