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The Science Buddies-Astellas Rosalind Franklin Chemistry Contest is open to students in grades 6-12 (see attached release). Thought he contest is open to both male and female students, we are especially encouraging young female scientists to pursue career paths in chemistry. Students can enter either an original science project in the field of chemistry or a project based on a Science Buddies Chemistry Project Idea. The student submissions will be judged on creativity, scientific thought, thoroughness, skill and clarity of presentation. Complete details are available at the Science Buddies website. Cash prizes will be awarded to top students in grades 9-12 and in grades 6-8. Both a male and female winner will be selected in each grade range. To be considered, entries must be submitted on or before 7PM PST, April 1, 2012.

More information on Science Buddies.

More information about Astellas USA Foundation.

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